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Keeping your views CRYSTAL clear Since 2001

For nearly 20 years we’ve made sure residents of Leavenworth, Plain and Lake Wenatchee have a Butler around to take care of their dirty work. Cleaning windows may not be the most glamorous line of work, but we take great pride in what we do. We hire quality employees with an amazing level of dedication and attention to detail, ensuring that your home is as stunning as the mountain views around it.


An outstanding and professional job, Butler Window Washing’s service was quickly and efficiently performed. The best inside and outside window service we ever had. Recommend it to all of our friends. Money well spent.
— Robert R.


Our services include cleaning windows inside and out, top to bottom, clearing gutters and shining up your solar panels. There are no windows too high and no gutter too precarious! Quotes are provided free of charge.



All houses are different so prices can vary according to size and difficulty of access. We have a $90 minimum, and can asses an estimate from there.


Keeping your panels clean is key to them being more efficient and effective. We utilize a low-pressure, pure water-fed pole system that is perfect for cleaning solar panels.


Prices are discounted for regular/routine service, generally scheduled to be performed monthly or bi-monthly.

Gutter cleaning

Commonly performed prior to window washing services. Minimum rate of $180.


Have a new house or recently finished a remodel? We work closely with many area contractors and can arrange to fit into their construction schedule.


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